2 / spel; spZl/ n
period of time during which sth lasts (某事物持续的)一段时间: a long spell of warm weather 持续很久的温暖的天气 * a cold spell in January 一月份中一段寒冷的日子 * rest for a short spell 歇一会儿.
~ (at/on sth) period of activity or duty (esp one which two or more people share); turn 活动的或工作的一段时间; (尤指)轮班的时间: a spell at the wheel of the car, eg when two people are sharing the driving 轮流驾驶汽车 * a spell on the typewriter 打一会儿字 * We took spells at carrying the baby. 我们轮流抱孩子.