1 / spel; spZl/ n
(a) [C] words which when spoken are thought to have magical power; charm 咒语; 咒; 符咒: a book of spells 咒语集 * The wizard recited a spell. 那术士念了一咒. (b) [C usu sing 通常作单数] state or condition caused by the speaking of such words (used esp in the expressions shown) 被咒语镇住的状态, 中魔(尤用於以下示例): be under a spell, ie be in this state 被咒语镇住 * cast/put a spell on sb 对某人施魔咒.
[sing] great attraction, fascination, etc caused by a person or thing; strong influence 魅力; 魔力; 威势: under the spell of her beauty 被她的美艳迷住 * the mysterious spell of music 音乐的神奇魔力.
# spellbinder / 5spelbaIndE(r); `spZl9baIndL/ person (esp a speaker) who can hold sb's attention completely (as if) by magic (似乎)以魔法吸引住他人注意力者; (尤指)使听者入迷的演讲者. spellbinding / -baIndIN;-baIndIN/ adj holding the attention in this way; entrancing使人入迷的; 迷人的: a spellbinding performance 迷住人的表演. spellbound / -baUnd; -9baJnd/ adj [usu pred 通常作表语] with the attention held by, or as if by, a magical spell; entranced 着魔; 入迷; 出神: The magician held (ie kept) the children spellbound. 魔术师把孩子都迷住了.