/ 9spekjU5leIFn; 9spZkjE`leFEn/ n
(a) [U] ~ (over/about/upon/on sth) action of speculating (speculate1) 思考; 思索; 推断; 推测: much speculation over the cause of the air crash 对飞机坠毁原因的多方推测. (b) [C] opinion reached in this way; guess 推测结论; 猜测: My speculations proved totally wrong. 我猜想的全错了.
(a) [U] ~ (in sth) activity of speculating (speculate2) 投机活动: speculation in oil 在石油业中的投机活动 * dishonest speculation in property development房地产开发中的欺诈性投机活动. (b) [C] business deal, transaction, etc involving this 投机买卖; 投机生意: make some unprofitable speculations 做些无利可图的投机生意 * buy many shares as a speculation 买入许多股票进行投机.