/ spE5sIfIk; spI`sIfIk/ adj
detailed, precise and exact 详细而精确的; 确切的: specific instructions 明确的指示 * What are your specific aims? 你有确切的目标吗?
relating to one particular thing, etc; not general 特定的; 具体的: The money is to be used for one specific purpose: the building of the new theatre. 这笔钱有专门用途: 就是建造新剧院.
> specific n
1 (medical 医) drug used to treat a particular disease or condition 特效药: Quinine is a specific for malaria. 奎宁是治疗疟疾的特效药.
2 particular aspect or precise detail 具体的方面; 详情; 细节: moving from the general to the specific 从泛泛而谈转向具体论述 * We all agreed on our basic aims, but when we got down to specifics it became more complicated. 关於基本目标, 大家的意见是一致的, 但谈到具体事情时, 情况就复杂了.
specifically / -klI; -klI/ adv in a specific manner 确切地; 具体地; 特别地: You were specifically warned not to eat fish. 已经特别叮嘱过你不要吃鱼. * The houses are specifically designed for old people. 这些房子是专为老年人设计的.
# spe,cific `gravity mass of any substance in relation to an equal volume of water 比重.