2 / speE(r); spZr/ v
[Tn, Dn.n] refrain from hurting, harming or destroying (sb/sth); show mercy to 不伤害(某人[某事物]); 饶恕; 宽容: Please spare (ie don't kill) me! 请饶了我(一命)吧! * (fml 文) spare a person his life, ie not kill him 饶某人一命 * if I am spared, ie if I live 假若我幸而不死 * They killed the men but spared the children. 他们把男人都杀了, 但放过了孩子. * The woodman spared (ie did not cut down) a few trees. 伐木工人留下了几棵树没砍掉.
[Tn, Dn.n] refrain from using, giving, etc (sth); use as little as possible 节制使用或提供(某事物); 吝惜; 节约: No trouble was spared to ensure our comfort. 为了我们舒适, 已竭尽全力. * Try to spare her as much distress as possible when you tell her. 你告诉她的时候, 尽量不要让她伤心. * He does not spare himself, ie works, etc very hard indeed. 他不偷懒. * Please spare me (ie don't tell me) the gruesome details. 你可别给我讲那些可怕的细节.
[Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sth (for sb/sth) be able to afford to give (time, money, etc) (to sb for a purpose) (为某人或某目的)提供(时间﹑ 钱等); 拨出; 匀出; 分出: I can't spare the time for a holiday at the moment. 目前我抽不出时间去度假. * Can you spare me a few minutes of your time? 我能耽搁你几分钟吗? * Can you spare me a few litres of petrol? 你能匀给我几升汽油吗? * Can you spare a cigarette for me? 给我根烟行吗?
[Tn, Tn.pr] (infml 口) manage without (sb) 无(某人)也可以: I can't spare him today we need everybody here. 我今天需要他--我们需要人人都到齐. * I can't spare you for that job; you must finish this one first. 我不能放你去做那件事; 你必须先把这件做完.
(idm 习语) no expense spared => expense. spare sb's `blushes do not embarrass sb by praisinghim 不夸奖某人以免使之难为情. spare sb's `feelingsavoid hurting sb's feelings 避免伤害某人的感情; 不使某人难堪: He spared her feelings by not criticizing her husband in front of her. 他没当她的面说她丈夫的不是, 以免使她难堪. spare no pains doing/to do sth (fml 文) take as much trouble as is necessary to achieve sth 不遗余力地做某事: The hotel staff spared no pains to ensure that our stay was as enjoyable as possible. 旅馆工作人员对我们照顾得无微不至, 尽量让我们住得舒适. ,spare the ,rod and ,spoil the `child (saying 谚) if you do not punish a child when he does wrong you will spoil his character 孩子不打不成器. (and) to `spare more than is needed; left over 过剩; 有余; 剩余: We have enough fruit and to spare. 我们的水果充足有余. * Do you have any sugar to spare? 你的食糖有富余吗? * There's no time to spare! ie You must act, go, etc as quickly as possible. 没有多余的时间了!
> sparing / 5speErIN; `spZrIN/ adj [pred 作表语] ~ with/of/in sth (fml 文) economical or frugal with sth; not wasteful of sth 节约; 俭省; 不浪费: be sparing with the sugar 节约用糖 * sparing of one's energy 节省精力 * not sparing in his advice to others 他向别人提供意见时知无不言. sparingly adv: Use the perfume sparingly! 少用些香水!