1 / speE(r); spZr/ adj
in addition to what is usu needed or used; kept in reserve for use when needed 多余的; 剩余的; 备用的: Do you carry a spare wheel in your car? 你的汽车上有备用车轮吗? * We have no spare room (ie space) for a table. 我们没有放桌子的空地方. * I wish we had a spare room, ie an extra bedroom (eg for guests). 我们要是有一间富余的卧室就好了(如给客人用). * I have no spare money this month. 这个月我没有余钱.
(of time) for leisure; free; unoccupied (指时间)空闲的, 未占用的: a busy woman with little spare time 忙得没有空的女子 * He paints in his spare time. 他在空闲时绘画.
(esp fml 尤作文雅语) (of people) thin; lean (指人)瘦的: a tall spare man 又高又瘦的男子 * a spare figure 瘦削的身材 * spare of build 体格瘦削的.
[attrib 作定语] (fml 文) small in quantity 少量的: a spare meal 量小的一顿饭 * on a spare diet 在节食.
(idm 习语) go `spare (Brit sl 俚) become very annoyedor upset 烦恼; 难过: Your mum will go spare if she finds out what you've done! 要是你妈妈知道你干的事, 她会气坏的!
> spare n spare part (for a machine, car, etc), esp an extra wheel for a car (机器﹑ 汽车等的)备件; (尤指)汽 车备用车轮: I've got a puncture and my spare is flat too! 我的车胎扎破了, 备用的也瘪了! * I'll show you where the spares are kept. 我来指给你看放备件的地方.
# ,spare `part part (for a machine, car, etc) used to replace an identical part if it gets lost, damaged, etc 备用零件; 备件; 配件: It's difficult to get spare parts for old washing-machines. 旧洗衣机的配件已很难弄到.
,spare-`rib n rib of pork with most of the meat cut off (肉少的)猪排骨: barbecued spare-ribs 烤猪排骨.
,spare `tyre 1 extra wheel for a car, etc (汽车等的)备用车轮. 2 (Brit infml joc 口, 谑) roll of fat around the waist 腰部的一圈脂肪: I'll have to exercise to get rid of my spare tyre. 我得运动运动以减少腰部的脂肪.