4 / saUnd; saJnd/ v
[I, Tn] (a) test or measure the depth of (the sea, etc) by using a weighted line (called a sounding line) 以测深索(sounding line)检查或测定(海等)的深度. (b) find the depth of water in a ship's hold (with a sounding rod) (以测深杆sounding rod)测定船舱内的水深.
(phr v) sound sb out (about/on sth) try to discover sb's views, opinions, etc (on sth), esp in a cautious or reserved way 试探某人(对某事物)的意见﹑ 观点等(尤指审慎地): Have you sounded him out (ie found out his opinions) yet about taking the job? 你是否探听出他对接受这项工作的意见了? * I'll try to sound out the manager on the question of holidays. 关於放假的问题, 我要去探探经理的口风.
> soundings n [pl]
1 measurements obtained by sounding (sound4 1); depth measured 测深所得的数据; 测得的深度: underwater soundings 水下测得的深度.
2 (a) [C, U] (action of) finding out sb's views in a cautious way (对某人意见的)试探: take soundings 试探一番 * What results have your soundings turned up? 你试探出什麽名堂来了? (b) reactions obtained (调查意见得到的)反应: Our soundings are displayed in the form of a graph. 我们的调查结果已用图表列出.