3 / saUnd; saJnd/ v
(a) [La, Ln] give a specific impression when heard 听起来; 似乎: That music sounds beautiful. 那音乐优美动听. * His voice sounded hoarse. 他说话声音嘶哑. * His explanation sounds reasonable. 他解释得听起来合情合理. * His excuse sounds unconvincing. 他说的理由好像不可信. * She sounds just the person we need for the job. 听起来她正是我们需要的人, 适合做这事儿. (b)~ (to sb) as if.../as though... (not in the continuous tenses 不用於进行时态) give the impression that... 给(某)人的印象是...: I hope I don't sound as if I'm criticizing you. 希望不要把我的话听成是含有批评你的意思. * That cough sounds as if it's getting worse. 患的咳嗽像是更重了. * It sounds to me as if there's (ie I think I can hear) a tap running somewhere. 听起来好像哪儿有水龙头在流水. =>Usage at feel1 用法见feel1.
(a) [Tn] produce a sound from (sth); make (esp a musical instrument) produce a sound 用(某物)发出声音; 使(尤指乐器)发出声音: sound a trumpet 吹喇叭 * The bell is sounded every hour. 那个钟每小时响一次. (b) [I] give out a sound 发出声音; 作响: The trumpet sounded. 喇叭吹响了. * The A key on this piano won't sound, ie No sound is produced when the key is struck. 这钢琴上的A键按下去不响.
[Tn] give (a signal) by making a sound; announce 用声音发(信号); 发布: sound a note of alarm/danger/warning 发出警报[危险信号/警告信号] * sound the alarm, eg by ringing a bell 发警报(如按响电铃) * sound the retreat, eg by blowing a bugle 发撤退信号(如吹撤退号).
[Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] (fml 文) pronounce (sth) 发出(某事物)的声音: You don't sound the `h' in `hour'. hour中的h不发音. * The `b' in `dumb' isn't sounded. dumb中的b不发音.
[Tn] (fml 文) test or examine (sth) by tapping or striking to produce a sound and listening carefully 以敲击听音的方式检测(某物); 对(某物)进行叩诊: sound a person's chest, ie by tapping it 对某人的胸部进行叩诊 * sound the wheels of a train, ie by striking them 敲击火车车轮进行检查.
(idm 习语) strike/sound a false note => false. strike/sound a note (of sth) => note1.
(phr v) sound off (about sth) (infml derog 口, 贬) talk noisily and boastfully (about sth) (对某事物)大声吹嘘: He's always sounding off about how he would manage the firm. 他总是大言不惭地说他能把公司经营好.
> -sounding (forming compound adjs 用以构成复合形容词) having a specified sound or giving a mental impression of a specified kind 有某种声音的; 使听者产生某种印象的: loud-sounding pop music 吵闹的流行音乐 * a very grand-sounding name 很响亮的名字.
# `sounding-board n (a) board or canopy placed over a platform, stage, etc to direct the speaker's voice towards the audience, so enabling him to be heard more clearly 增音板(装在讲台﹑ 舞台等上方增加音响洪亮度的板或顶篷). (b) means of causing an opinion, a plan, etc to be widely heard 宣扬意见﹑ 计画等的手段: The magazine became a sounding-board for its editor's political beliefs. 那杂志成了编辑宣扬其政治主张的传声筒.