2 / saUnd; saJnd/ n
[U] sensation detected by the ear, caused by the vibration of the air surrounding it 声; 声音: an experiment to measure the speed at which sound travels 测定声速的试验 * Sound travels more slowly than light. 声速低於光速.
[C, U] thing that produces such a sensation; thing that can be heard 声音; 声响: the sound of the wind, sea, a car, voices, breaking glass 风﹑ 大海﹑ 汽车﹑ 人们说话﹑ 打碎玻璃的声音 * the sound of music 音乐声 * I heard a strange sound outside. 我听到外面有一种奇怪的声音. * He crept upstairs without a sound, ie noiselessly. 他悄悄地上了楼. * `vowel sounds, eg / u:, Q, E/ 元音(如 /u:/﹑ /Q/﹑ /E/).
[sing] mental impression produced by a piece of news, a description, etc (对某消息﹑ 言语等的)印象, 感觉: I don't like the sound of her husband! 我对她丈夫没有好感! * The news has a sinister sound, ie seems to be sinister. 这消息听起来好像不妙.
[U] distance within which sth can be heard 可听见的范围: A true Cockney is born within (the) sound of Bow Bells. 一个人, 要是在他出生的地方能听得到伦敦鲍教堂的钟声, 那他才算得上是真正的伦敦人.
(idm 习语) like, etc the 9sound of one's own 5voice (derog 贬) talk a lot or too much (usu without wanting to hear what others have to say) 滔滔不绝地说话(通常指不想听别人说话): She's much too fond of the sound of her own voice. 她总是说个不停.
> soundless adj without a sound; silent 没有声响的; 悄悄的; 寂静的: soundless movements 静悄悄的动作. soundlessly adv.
# 9sound 5archives (collection of) recordings on record or tape of broadcasts considered important enough to be preserved 录音资料; 录音档案: the BBC sound archives 英国广播公司的录音资料.
5sound barrier (also 9sonic 5barrier) point at which an aircraft's speed equals that of sound waves, causing sonic booms 声障; 音障: break the sound barrier, ie move faster than the speed of sound 突破声障(即以超声速飞行).
5sound effect (esp pl 尤作复数) sound other than speech or music used in a film, play, etc to produce an atmospheric effect 音响效果: The sound effects of the fight were very good in that radio play. 广播剧中那场战斗的音响效果很好.
5sound-proof adj made or constructed so that sound(s) cannot pass through or in 隔音的: sound-proof material 隔音材料 * a sound-proof studio 隔音的演播室. -- v [Tn] make (sth) sound-proof 使(某物)隔音: I wish we could sound-proof the boys' bedroom! 把男生的寝室能弄成隔音的才好呢!
5sound-recording n [C, U] recording in sound only 录音.
5sound-track n (a) (music, etc on a) track or band at the side of a cinema film which has the recorded sound on it (电影胶片边上的)声带; 声带上的音乐等. (b) recorded music from a film, musical play, etc (on a record, cassette, etc) (录在唱片﹑ 盒式磁带等上的)电影﹑ 音乐剧等中的音乐: I've bought the sound-track of that film. 我买到了那部电影的音乐录音唱片.
5sound-wave n vibration made in the air or some other medium by which sound is carried 声波.