1 / saUnd; saJnd/ adj
in good condition; not hurt, diseased, injured or damaged 完好的; 健康的; 健全的; 无损伤的: have sound teeth 牙齿结实 * have a sound mind, ie not mentally ill 心智健全 * a sound constitution 强健的体质 * a house built on sound foundations 地基坚实的房子.
based on reason, sense or judgement; dependable 合理的; 明智的; 正确的; 稳妥的: a sound argument, policy, etc 正确的论据﹑ 政策等 * sound advice 忠告 * a sound business firm 信誉好的公司 * Is he sound on state education? ie Are his views well founded, officially acceptable, etc? 他对国家教育的见解有道理吗?
[usu attrib 通常作定语] (esp fml 尤作文雅语) full and complete; thorough 充分的; 彻底的:a sound telling-off, thrashing, etc 一顿痛骂﹑ 痛打等.
careful and accurate; competent 细心的; 严谨的; 有能力的; 稳健的: a sound tennis player 网球技巧娴熟的人 * a sound piece of writing 好文章.
[usu attrib 通常作定语] (of sleep or a sleeper) deep, peaceful and uninterrupted (指睡眠)酣的, 香甜的, 不中断的; (指睡觉的人)酣睡的: be a sound sleeper 睡得很沉 * a sound night's sleep 睡一夜好觉.
(idm 习语) safe and sound => safe1. (as) sound as a bell in perfect condition 健康的; 完好的: The doctor said I was as sound as a bell. 医生说我身体很好. ,sound in ,wind and `limb (dated or joc 旧或谑) physically fit 体格强健的: remarkably sound in wind and limb for his age 就他的年纪而言, 身体十分硬朗.
> sound adv (idm 习语) be/fall sound a`sleep be/become deeply and peacefully asleep 酣睡着[安然入睡].
soundly adv in a sound manner; thoroughly and fully 健全地; 充分地; 彻底地; 稳健地: a soundly based argument 有充分根据的论点 * be soundly beaten at chess 下棋一败涂地 * sleep soundly 酣睡. soundness n [U]: the soundness of her advice 她的劝告的正确性 * the soundness of his performance 他表演的娴熟.