/ sE5fIstIkeItId; sE`fIstI9ketId/ adj
having or showing much worldly experience and knowledge of fashionable life (显得)世故的, 老练的, 高雅时髦的: a sophisticated woman 老於世故的女子* wearing sophisticated clothes 穿着考究的衣服 * sophisticated tastes 高雅的口味.
complicated and refined; elaborate; subtle 复杂的; 精良的; 精细的; 尖端的: sophisticated modern weapons 精良的现代武器 * sophisticated devices used in spacecraft 航天器中的尖端装置 * a sophisticated discussion, argument, etc 缜密的讨论﹑ 论点等.
> sophisticate / sE5fIstIkeIt; sE`fIstI9ket/ n (often ironic 常作反语) sophisticated person 老於世故的人: The sophisticates in the office drink lemon tea; we have coffee. 办公室里那些不同凡俗的人喝的是柠檬茶, 我们这些人喝咖啡.
sophistication / sE9fIstI5keIFn; sE9fIstI`keFEn/ n [U] quality of being sophisticated 世故; 复杂性: proud of her newly-acquired sophistication 她因最近学得老成而自豪 * the sophistication of modern aircraft 现代飞行器的高精尖.