3 / sEUl; sol/ adj [attrib 作定语]
one and only; single 唯一的; 单独的: the sole cause of the accident 事故的唯一原因 * the sole survivor of the crash 那次车祸的唯一幸存者.
belonging to or restricted to one person or group; not shared 属於或限於一人或一组人的; 专有的; 独用的: have sole responsibility 单独负责 * We have the sole right to sell this range of goods. 我们有独家经销这类货物的权利.
> solely / 5sEUllI; `sollI/ adv alone; only 唯一地; 单独地; 只; 仅: solely responsible 单独负责的 * solely because of you 仅仅由於你的缘故.