/ 5sCfn; [email protected] 5sR:fn; `sRfEn/ v [I, Tn]
(cause sth to) become soft or softer (使某事物)软化, 变温和, 变柔和, 变软弱: The butter will soften out of the fridge. 黄油从冰箱中取出会变软. * The lampshade will soften the light. 这个灯罩能使光线柔和一些.
(phr v) soften sb up (a) weaken (an enemy's position) by shelling or bombing it heavily 用火力削弱(敌方阵地). (b) (infml 口) make sb unable or less able to resist an attack or persuasion to buy sth, etc 瓦解或削弱某人的抗拒力(以便进攻或劝其购买某物等): Housewives were softened up with free gifts before the salesmen began the hard talking. 推销员先用赠品打动家庭妇女的心, 接着就开始直截了当的兜售了.
> softener n [U, C] chemical substance used for softening hard water; device using this 硬水软化剂; 硬水软化器.