/ sCft; [email protected] sR:ft; sRft/ adj (-er, -est)
changing shape easily when pressed; not hard or firm to the touch 软的; 柔软的: soft soil, ground, mud, etc 软土﹑ 软土地面﹑ 软泥 * Warm butter is soft. 温的黄油是软的. * She likes a soft pillow and a hard mattress. 她喜欢软枕头﹑ 硬床垫. Cf 参看 hard1.
(of surfaces) smooth and delicate to the touch (指物体的表面)光滑柔软的, 细腻的, 柔嫩的: as soft as velvet 像丝绒一般柔滑的 * soft skin 细嫩的皮肤 * soft furnishings, ie curtains, hangings, rugs, etc 软家具(帘幕﹑ 悬挂式陈设﹑ 小地毯等) * Our cat has very soft fur. 我们那只猫的毛非常柔滑.
[usu attrib 通常作定语] (of light, colours, etc) not bright or glaring (指光线﹑ 色彩等)柔和的, 不耀眼的: a soft pink rather than a harsh red 柔和的粉红色而不是刺眼的大红色 * lampshades that give a soft light 使光线柔和的灯罩 * the soft glow of candlelight 蜡烛发出的柔光.
(of outlines) not sharp or clear; indistinct (指轮廓)不清晰的, 模糊的.
(of winds, etc) mild and gentle (指风等)温和的, 微的, 细的: soft summer winds 夏日的轻风 * a soft sea breeze 温和的海风.
(of sounds) quiet and subdued; not loud (指声音)轻柔的; 低声的: soft music 轻柔的乐曲 * in a soft voice 轻声地 * soft whispers 低声细语.
(infml 口) (of words, answers, etc) not harsh or angry; gentle; mild (指言语﹑ 回答等)温和的, 柔和的, 不刺耳的: His reply was soft and calm. 他回答得平和从容.
~ (on sth/with sb) sympathetic and kind, sometimes to too great an extent (有时过分)有同情心的, 心肠软的: have a soft heart 有一副软心肠 * That teacher is too soft with his class; they're out of his control. 那位教师对学生太软了, 他们都不听他的.
(infml derog 口, 贬) weak and childish; lacking in determination, courage, etc 软弱娇气的; 不果断的; 缺乏勇气的: Don't be so soft there's nothing to be afraid of. 别这麽窝囊, 没什麽可怕的嘛.
(infml derog 口, 贬) foolish or silly; mad 傻的; 蠢的; 疯狂的: He's gone soft in the head. 他傻头傻脑的.
~ on/about sb (infml 口) feeling attraction for sb; in love with sb 倾心於某人; 爱上某人.
(infml derog 口, 贬) not requiring hard work; without problems 不费力的; 不困难的; 轻松的: a soft job, ie an easy, well-paid job 轻松而待遇优厚的工作 * He has a very soft life really. 他日子过得实在是很悠闲.
(of consonants) not hard; not plosive (指辅音)软的, 不爆发的; (指辅音字母)发软音的: C is soft in `city' and hard in `cat'. c字母在city一字中发软音而在cat一字中发硬音. * G is soft in `gin' and hard in `get'. g字母在gin一字中发软音而在get一字中发硬音.
(of drink) not alcoholic (指饮料)软的(不含酒精的): Would you like some wine or something soft? 你是喝葡萄酒呢, 还是来点儿软饮料呢? * I'd prefer a soft drink. 我喜欢喝软饮料.
(of water) free from mineral salts and therefore good for washing (指水)软性的(不含矿盐, 适合洗涤用的): Don't use much soap powder the water here is very soft. 肥皂粉别用得太多, 这儿的水很软.
(idm 习语) an easy/a soft touch => touch2. the hard/soft sell => sell n. have a soft `spot for sb/sth (infml 口) be specially fond of sb/sth 偏爱某人[某事物]: I've always had a real soft spot for him. 我一向对他挺有好感.
> softish adj rather soft 相当软的: softish ice-cream 软软的冰激凌.
softly adv in a soft way 柔软地; 轻柔地; 柔和地: speak softly 轻声地说话 * She pressed his hand softly. 她轻轻捏了捏他的手. * softly shining lights 光线柔和的灯 * music softly played 轻轻奏出的乐曲 * treating the children too softly 过分惯着孩子.
softness n [U].
softy (also softie) / 5sCftI; [email protected] 5sR:ftI; `sRftI/ n (infml ) (a) (derog 贬) physically weak person 身体虚弱的人: `You're a bunch of softies!' the sergeant shouted to the new recruits. ?你们这帮东西, 弱不禁风!?中士对新兵嚷道. (b) kind-hearted or (too) sentimental person 好心人;过分心软的人: He's a real softie at heart. 他真是个好心人.
# `softball (esp US) game similar to baseball played on a smaller field with a larger soft ball 垒球(与棒球相似, 但球场较小, 球较大而软).
,soft-`boiled adj (of eggs) boiled for a short time so that the yolk is still soft (指蛋)煮得半熟的, 煮成溏心儿的.
,soft `currency currency that is not convertible into gold or into certain other currencies which are more in demand 软通货; 软货币.
`soft drug drug not likely to cause addiction (eg marijuana) and less dangerous than a hard drug such as heroin 软性毒品(不易使人上瘾且危害性不及海洛因之类的硬性毒品者, 如大麻).
`soft fruit small fruits without stones, such as strawberries and currants 无核小果(如草莓﹑ 加仑子).
,soft-`hearted adj sympathetic and kind, sometimes to too great an extent 有同情心的, 心肠软的(有时过分): He's always lending her money; he's too soft-hearted. 他老是把钱借给她, 心肠也太软了. ,soft-`heartedness n [U].
,soft `landing landing of a spacecraft (eg on the moon) that avoids damage or destruction 软?陆(航天器?陆而不受损, 如?陆於月球时).
,soft `option (often derog 常作贬义) alternative which is thought to involve less work, inconvenience, etc 避重就轻的选择: Language courses are wrongly thought to be soft options. 人们误以为选修语言课程较轻松.
,soft `palate back part of the roof of the mouth 软颚.
,soft-`pedal v (-ll-; US -l-) [I, Tn] (infml ) make (an issue, etc) seem less serious or important; play (sth) down 减弱(问题等)的严重性或重要性; 使(某事物)大事化小: The government has been soft-pedalling (on) the question of teachers' pay. 政府一直低调处理教师的工资问题.
,soft `porn pornography of a less explicit or violent type 软性色情作品(不太露骨的). Cf 参看 hard porn (hard).
,soft `shoulder (also verge) soft edge at the side of a road that is not suitable for vehicles to drive on (不适宜车辆行驶的)软质路肩.
,soft `soap
1 semi-liquid soap 半液体皂; 软肥皂.
2 (fig 比喻) persuasion by flattery (用奉承话的)劝诱; 灌米汤的做法: I'm tired of his soft soap! 他老是说好话想打动我, 我都听腻了! ,soft-`soap v [Tn] (infml ) persuade (sb) by flattery 以甜言蜜语打动(某人); 向(某人)灌米汤: Don't try to soft-soap me; I'm not changing my mind. 别给我灌米汤了, 反正我不改主意.
,soft-`spoken adj having a gentle quiet voice 细声细气的: a ,soft-spoken young `woman 说话斯文的年轻女子.
`software n [U] (computing 计) data, programmes, etc not forming part of a computer but used when operating it 软件. Cf 参看 hardware (hard1).
`softwood n [C, U] wood from coniferous trees such as pine that is cheap to produce and can be cut easily 软木料, 软材(成本低﹑ 易於切割的针叶木材, 如松木). Cf 参看 hardwood (hard1).