/ 5sEUdE; `sodE/ n
[U] chemical substance in common use, a compound of sodium 苏打; 碳酸钠: `washing-soda, ie sodium carbonate, used for softening water, etc 洗涤?(用以使水软化等) * `baking soda/bi,carbonate of `soda, ie sodium bicarbonate, used in cooking 小苏打 * caustic soda, ie sodium hydroxide, used in the manufacture of soap 苛性苏打(俗称烧?, 用於制皂业).
[U, C] = soda-water: Add some soda to the whisky, please. 请在威士忌中加点苏打水. * A whisky and soda, please. 请来杯搀苏打水的威士忌.
[U, C] (also soda pop) (US infml 口) fizzy drink made with flavoured soda-water (加调味剂的)苏打汽水: a glass of cherry soda 一杯樱桃苏打汽水 * two lime sodas 两杯酸橙苏打汽水.
(also ,ice-cream `soda) (US) drink made from ice-cream, syrup and soda-water 冰激凌苏打冷饮: three strawberry sodas 三客草莓冰激凌苏打水.
# `soda-fountain n device for supplying soda-water; counter in a shop from which fizzy drinks, ice-cream sodas, etc are served 汽水龙头(供应汽水的装置); 冷饮部.
`soda siphon = siphon.
`soda-water n [U, C] water made fizzy by being filled with carbon dioxide under pressure 苏打水; 汽水: I won't have any wine; I'll just have (a) soda water. 我不喝酒, 给我来杯汽水吧.