1 / sCk; sBk/ n
short stocking (usu of wool, nylon or cotton) covering the ankle and lower part of the leg, usu well below the knee 短袜: a pair of socks 一双短袜.
(idm 习语) pull one's `socks up (Brit infml 口) (make an effort to) improve one's performance (努力)改进自己的表现或成绩: His teachers told him to pull his socks up, or he'd undoubtedly fail his exam. 老师要他加把劲儿, 不然考试准不及格. put a `sock in it (dated Brit infml 旧, 口) be quiet; stop talking or making a noise 安静下来; 不再讲话; 不再弄出响声: Can't you put a sock in it? I'm trying to work. 别出声了好不好? 我要工作呢.