/ 5sEUFl; `soFEl/ adj
[esp attrib 尤作定语] concerning the organization of and relations between people and communities 社会的: social problems 社会问题 * social customs, welfare, reforms 社会习俗﹑ 福利﹑改革.
[attrib 作定语] of or in society; of or concerningrank and position within society 社会上的; 社会阶层的; 社会地位的: one's social equals, ie people of the same class as oneself in society 与自己社会地位相同的人 * social advancement, ie improvement of one's position in society 社会地位的提高 * (derog 贬) a social climber, ie sb who constantly strives to improve his social position 在社会地位上向上爬的人.
[attrib 作定语] (of animals, etc) living in groups, not separately (指动物等)群居的: Most bees and wasps are social insects. 大多数蜜蜂和黄蜂都是群居昆虫. * Man is a social animal. 人是群居的动物.
of or designed for companionship and recreation 社交的; 交谊的; 联谊的; 联欢的: a social club 联谊会 * a social evening 联欢晚会 * a busy social life 繁忙的社交生活.
sociable 好交际的; 友好的; 合群的: (infml 口) He's not a very social person. 他不很合群.
> social (US also sociable / 5sEUFEbl; `soFEbl/) n informal meeting or party organized by a group or club 社交聚会; 联欢会: a church social 教友联谊会.
socially / -FElI; -FElI/ adv: I know him through work, but not socially. 我是通过工作而不是在社交中认识他的.
# the ,Social and ,Liberal `Democrats (abbr 缩写 SLD) former name of the British political party (now called 现称 the Liberal Democrats) formed in 1988 from the merging of the Social Democratic Party and the Liberal Party 社会自由民主党(英国政党, 由社会民主党与自由党於1988年合并成立).
,social `science (also ,social `studies) group of subjects concerned with people within society and including economics, sociology, politics and geography 社会科学: Social anthropology is one of the social sciences. 社会人类学是社会科学的一门学科.
,social se`curity (Brit) (US welfare) government payments to people who are unemployed, ill, disabled, etc 社会福利: Most of the families in our road are on social security, ie receiving such help. 我们这条街多数家庭都享受社会福利.
,social `services [pl] organized government service providing help and advice (eg in matters of health, housing, mental illness, child care, the law, etc) 社会福利事业(政府提供的援助, 如解决健康﹑ 房屋﹑ 精神疾患﹑ 幼儿看护﹑ 法律等方面的问题): threatened cuts in social services 提出可能要削减社会福利经费.
`social work profession of people who work in the social services 社会福利工作: She wants to do social work when she finishes college. 她打算毕业後从事社会福利工作. `social worker person who works in the social services 社会福利工作者: Social workers claimed the children were being ill-treated. 社会福利工作人员指出那些儿童正受到虐待. * social workers visiting people just out of hospital 正在访问刚出院康复病人的社会福利工作人员.