/ sEUp; sop/ n [U]
substance used for washing and cleaning, made of fat or oil combined with an alkali 肥皂: a bar of soap 一条肥皂 * There's no soap in the bathroom! 浴室里没有肥皂! * Use plenty of soap and water. 多用些肥皂和水.
[C] (infml 口) = soap opera: Do you watch any of the soaps on TV? 你看电视连续剧吗?
> soap v [Tn, Tn.p] apply soap to (sb/sth); rub with soap 将肥皂涂在(某人[某物])上; 用肥皂擦: soap oneself down 在身上打些肥皂 * soap the car and then rinse it 先在汽车上抹些肥皂再清洗.
soapy adj (-ier, -iest)
1 (a) of or like soap (似)肥皂的: This bread has a soapy taste. 这面包有肥皂味. (b) full of soap 有肥皂的: soapy water 肥皂水.
2 (infml derog 口, 贬) too anxious to please; ingratiating 很想讨好的; 谄媚的: a soapy voice, manner, style 很想讨好人的语调﹑ 态度﹑ 作风. soapiness n [U].
# `soap-box n improvised stand for a speaker (in a street, park, etc) (街头﹑ 公园等处的)临时讲演台: [attrib 作定语] soap-box oratory 街头演说 * (fig 比喻) He gets on his soap-box at the first opportunity, ie He is always ready to talk at length. 他一有机会就长篇大论讲个没完.
`soap-bubble n ball of air surrounded by a film of soap that changes colour and bursts easily 肥皂泡: children blowing soap-bubbles 吹肥皂泡的儿童.
`soap-flakes n [pl] thin flakes of soap, sold in a packet and used for washing clothes, etc 皂片: use soap-flakes rather than a powder detergent 用皂片而不用洗涤粉.
`soap opera (also soap) (sometimes derog 有时作贬义) radio or TV serial drama dealing with the events and problems of the characters' daily lives, often in a sentimental way (电台或电视)连续剧: a TV diet of soap opera 冗长而乏味的电视连续剧.
`soap powder powder made from soap and additives, used for washing clothes 肥皂粉.
`soapstone n [U] type of soft stone that feels like soap, used for making ornaments, etc 皂石(一种质软岩石, 具有肥皂感, 用以制造装饰品等): [attrib 作定语] a soapstone statue 皂石雕像.
`soapsuds n [pl] frothy lather of soap and water 肥皂泡沫: He was up to his elbows in soapsuds, washing his shirts. 他洗衬衫时, 连胳膊肘都弄上了肥皂泡沫.