/ sEUk; sok/ v
(a) [I, Ipr] ~ (in sth) become thoroughly wet by being in liquid or by absorbing liquid 浸; 泡; 湿透: The dirty clothes are soaking in soapy water. 脏衣服都在肥皂水里泡着呢. * Leave the dried beans to soak overnight. 把这些乾豆子泡一夜. (b) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (in sth) cause sth to absorb as much liquid as possible 使某物尽量吸收液体; 使浸透: soak bread in milk 把面包泡在牛奶里 * He soaked his stained shirt in hot water. 他把脏衬衫浸在热水里了. * (fig 比喻) He soaked himself in (ie allowed himself to absorb) the atmosphere of the place. 他尽情沉浸在这种环境的气氛之中.
[Ipr, Ip] ~ into/through sth; ~ in enter (and pass through) sth; penetrate 进入(并穿过)某物; 渗透: The rain had soaked through his coat. 雨把他的大衣淋透了. * Clean up that wine before it soaks in(to the carpet). 趁那酒还没渗进(地毯里)去, 快把它擦乾净.
[Tn] (infml 口) extract money from (sb) by charging or taxing very heavily 向(某人)搾取金钱或徵收重税: Are you in favour of soaking the rich? 你赞成向富人多徵税吗?
(idm 习语) soaked/wet to the skin => skin.
(phr v) soak sth off/out remove sth by soaking in water 浸泡以除去某物: soak out a stain from a shirt 浸掉衬衫上的污迹 * Soak a label off a jam jar. 把果酱罐上的标签泡下去. soak sb through make a person and his clothes completely wet 使某人全身湿透: Don't stand out there: you'll get soaked through. 你别站在外边, 要不全身都要湿透了. soak sth up (a) take in (liquid); absorb sth 吸入(液体); 吸收某物: Use a paper towel to soak up the cooking oil. 用纸巾把食油吸乾. (b) receive and absorb sth 接受并吸收某事物: soaking up the sunshine 晒太阳 * soaking up the atmosphere of the Spanish villages 沉浸在西班牙乡村的空气中 * That child soaks up new facts like a sponge! 那孩子吸收新知识像海绵似的!
> soak (also soaking) n
1 act of soaking 浸; 泡; 湿透: Give the sheets a good soak. 把床单好好泡一泡.
2 (infml 口) habitual drinker; alcoholic 酒徒; 酒鬼: He's a dreadful old soak. 他可真是大酒鬼.
soaked / sEUkt; sokt/ adj [pred 作表语] 1 completely wet 湿透: You're soaked! 你全都湿透了! 2 ~ in sth (fig 比喻) full of sth; steeped in sth 充满某事物; 沉浸於某事物之中: This house is soaked in memories. 这所房子经历了许多可纪念的事情.
soaking / sEUkIN; sokIN/ adj (also ,soaking `wet) very wet 极湿的: a soaking wet coat 很湿的大衣.