2 / smEUk; smok/ v
[I] (a) give off smoke or other visible vapour 冒烟; 冒气: a smoking volcano 冒着烟的火山 * smoking factory chimneys 冒着烟的工厂烟囱. (b) (of a fire or fireplace) give off too much smoke (and send it out into the room instead of up the chimney) (指炉火或壁炉)出烟过多(未经烟囱排出而进入屋内): This fireplace smokes (badly). 这个壁炉烟冒得(太)厉害.
[I, Tn] draw in smoke from burning tobacco or other substances through the mouth and let it out again; use cigarettes, etc in this way regularly 吸烟; 抽(香烟等): Do you smoke? 你抽烟吗? * She has never smoked. 她从不吸烟. * He smokes a pipe. 他抽烟斗. * She smokes 20 (cigarettes) a day. 她一天抽20支(香烟).
[Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] preserve (meat, fish, etc) with smoke (from wood fires) to give a special taste 用烟燻制(肉﹑ 鱼等): smoked ham, salmon, mackerel, etc 燻火腿﹑ 鲑﹑ 鲭等.
[Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] darken (esp glass) with smoke 燻黑(尤指玻璃): He looked at the sun through a sheet of smoked glass. 他透过一片燻黑的玻璃观看太阳. * fit smoked plastic lenses in spectacles 把烟色的塑料镜片安在眼镜上.
(idm 习语) put that in your pipe and smoke it => pipe1.
(phr v) smoke sb/sth out drive sb/sth out by means of smoke 将某人[某物]燻出: smoke out snakes from a hole 把蛇从洞中燻出 * (fig 比喻) He was determined to smoke out the leaders of the gang, ie bring them out of hiding. 他决心要把匪首从躲藏处赶出来. smoke sth out fill sth with smoke 使某处充满烟雾: Turn off that pan you're smoking the place out! 快把坐着锅的炉子关上--你把这儿弄得都是烟.
> smoker n
1 person who smokes tobacco regularly 吸烟的人: a heavy smoker, ie one who smokes very often 吸烟多的人 * Non-smokers often disapprove of smokers. 不吸烟的人往往不赞成别人吸烟.
2 carriage on a train where smoking is allowed (火车上的)准予吸烟的车厢: Shall we sit in a smoker or a non-smoker? 我们坐吸烟车厢还是非吸烟车厢?
smoking n [U] activity or habit of smoking cigarettes, etc 吸烟; 抽烟: `No Smoking', eg on a notice in a public place ‘禁止吸烟’ * Smoking isn't allowed in this cinema. 这家影院不准吸烟. * Smoking damages your health. 吸烟有害於健康. * [attrib 作定语] the smoking section of an aircraft 飞机上的吸烟区. `smoking-jacket n man's comfortable jacket, made of velvet, etc, worn (esp formerly) at home 吸烟服(男用舒适的丝绒等制的外衣, 尤指旧时在家中穿的). `smoking-room n room (in a hotel, etc) where smoking is allowed (旅馆等的)吸烟室.