1 / smEUk; smok/ n
[U] visible (usu white, grey or black) vapour coming from sth that is burning 烟: smoke from factory chimneys 工厂烟囱冒出的烟 * The room was full of cigarette smoke. 满屋子都是香烟的烟雾.
[C] (a) (usu sing 通常作单数) (infml 口) act or period of smoking tobacco 吸烟; 抽烟: They stopped work to have a smoke. 他们停下工作吸口烟. * I haven't had a smoke all day. 我一整天还没抽过烟呢. (b) (dated sl 旧, 俚) thing (esp a cigar or cigarette) to be smoked 烟(尤指雪茄或香烟): Has anyone got any smokes? 哪位有烟?
(idm 习语) ,go up in `smoke (a) be completely burnt 被烧光: The whole house went up in smoke in less than an hour. 整座房子不到一个小时就烧光了. (b) (fig 比喻) result in failure; leave nothing of value behind 以失败告终; 未剩下有价值的东西: When he crashed his car all his travel plans went up in smoke. 他把汽车撞坏了, 他的整个旅行计画都吹了. (there is) ,no ,smoke with,out `fire (saying 谚) there is always some reason for a rumour 无火不生烟; 谣言也总是事出有因: He's denied having an affair with his secretary, but of course there's no smoke without fire. 他不承认和他秘书发生了关系, 但自是空穴来风喽.
> smokeless adj [usu attrib 通常作定语]
1 burning with little or no smoke (燃烧时)无烟的: smokeless fuel 无烟燃料.
2 free from smoke (环境)无烟的: a smokeless zone, ie an area where smoke is prohibited 禁止吸烟区.
smokiness n [U]: He hates the smokiness of pubs and bars. 他讨厌酒馆和酒吧里弥漫的烟雾.
# `smoke-bomb (also `smoke-grenade) n bomb that sends out clouds of smoke (used esp in police or military operations) 烟幕弹(尤为警方或於军事行动中使用的): Smoke-bombs were thrown during the street riots. 街道上出现骚乱时投放了烟幕弹.
`smoke-screen n (a) clouds of smoke used to hide military, naval, police, etc operations 烟幕(用以掩护陆军﹑ 海军﹑ 警方等的行动的). (b) (fig 比喻) action, explanation, etc designed to hide one's real intentions, activities, etc 障眼法(用以遮掩真实意图﹑ 行动等的举动﹑ 藉口等): The export business was just a smokescreen for his activities as a spy. 他做出口生意只是为他的间谍活动打掩护.
`smoke-stack n (a) funnel serving as an outlet for steam from a steamship 轮船的烟囱. (b) tall chimney 高大的烟囱. (c) (US) funnel of a steam train 蒸汽火车的烟囱.