/ smAF; smAF/ v
[I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p, Cn.a] ~ sth (up); ~ sth open (cause sth to) be broken violently into pieces (使某物)粉碎, 破碎: the sound of a glass smashing (into pieces) on the floor 玻璃杯摔在地板上破碎时发出的声音 * smash a window 打破一扇窗户 * smash (up) all the furniture 捣毁所有的家具 * smash the furniture to pieces 把家具砸碎 * The lock was rusty, so we had to smash the door open. 锁?住了, 我们得把门砸开.
(a) [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] hit (sth/sb) very hard 重击, 痛击, 猛击(某物[某人]): smash the ball (out of the court) 用力击球(把球击出场外) * I'll smash you in the eye! 当心我给你眼睛一拳! * The batsman smashed the ball up into the air. 击球员把球击得很高. (b) [Tn, Tn.pr] (in tennis) hit (a ball) downwards over the net with a hard overhand stroke (网球)打出高压(球): He smashed the lob (straight at his opponent's body). 他把高球(冲着对手)叩杀过去.
[Tn, Tn.p] ~ sth (up) crash (a vehicle) 撞毁(车): She smashed (up) her new car in the fog. 她在大雾中把新汽车给撞毁了.
[Tn] (infml 口) defeat or destroy (eg an opponent or his activities); end (esp sth bad) 击败或粉碎(如对手或其行动); 结束(尤指坏事): We are determined to smash terrorism. 我们一定要消灭恐怖主义. * The champions were completely smashed in the final. 冠军在决赛中都吃了败仗. * smash a record, ie (in sport, etc) set a far better record (运动等)大破记录 * Police smashed the drug ring. 警方粉碎了贩毒集团.
(phr v) smash (sth) against, into, through, etc sth (cause sth to) move with great force into, against etc, sth (使某物)冲进或撞上某物: The car smashed into the wall. 汽车撞在墙上. * The elephant smashed through the trees. 大象在树林中横冲直撞. * She smashed the hammer down onto the box. 她用锤子猛击箱子. smash sth down make sth fall down by smashing it, eg with a hammer 击倒某物(如用锤子): The fireman smashed the door down to reach the children. 消防员破门而入冲向孩子们. smash sth in make a hole, dent, etc in sth by hitting it with great force 将某物撞出窟窿﹑ 凹痕等: Vandals smashed the door in. 那些破坏公物的人把门撞瘪了. * (infml 口) I'll smash your head in! ie said as a threat to hit sb. 当心我砸碎你的脑袋!
> smash n
1 [sing] act or sound of smashing 破碎; 破碎时发出的声音: the smash of breaking glass 玻璃摔得粉碎 * The plate hit the floor with a smash. 盘子摔在地板上啪的一声碎了.
2 (also `smash-up) [C] car crash 撞车: an awful smash(-up) on the motorway 高速公路上严重的撞车事故.
3 [C] tennis stroke in which a player smashes the ball 网球的高压球: develop a powerful smash 训练打出强有力的高压球.
4 [C] (also smash `hit) (infml 口) play, song, film, etc which is suddenly very successful 极为轰动的戏剧﹑ 歌曲﹑ 影片等.
smash adv with a smash (撞)得破碎; 碰撞时发出声音: land smash on the floor 掉在地板上摔得粉碎 * go/run smash into the wall 步行[跑步]时砰的一声撞到墙上.
smashed adj [pred 作表语] (sl 俚) drunk 喝醉.
smasher n (infml esp Brit) excellent, attractive, etc person or thing 优异的﹑ 漂亮的人或事物; 尤物: She's a real smasher! 她真是漂亮极了!
smashing adj (infml esp Brit) excellent 极好的: We had a smashing time on holiday! 我们假期过得真痛快!
# ,smash-and-`grab adj [attrib 作定语] (of a robbery) in which the thief smashes a shop window to steal the goods on display (指抢劫案)(窃贼)砸破商店橱窗(抢走陈列品之)行劫的: a ,smash-and-`grab raid 砸破商店橱窗行劫.