2 / slEU; slo/ adv (-er, -est)
(used after vs, after how or in compounds with participles 用於动词或how之後, 或与分词构成复合词) at a slow1(1) speed; slowly 缓慢地; 低速地: Tell the driver to go slower. 告诉司机开慢些. * How slow this train goes! 这列火车开得多慢哪! * slow-moving 缓慢移动的 * slow-cooked food 用文火烹调的食物.
(idm 习语) go `slow (a) (of workers) work slowly, esp as a protest or to make their employer meet their demands (指工人)怠工(尤指为抗议或迫使雇主答应要求). Cf 参看 go-slow (go). (b) be less active than usual 减少活动: You ought to go slow until you feel really well again. 你应该减少活动, 要到真正康复以後再说.