1 / slEU; slo/ adj (-er, -est)
not moving, acting or done quickly; taking a long time; not fast 行动迟缓的; 费时的; 慢的: a slow runner, vehicle, journey 跑得慢的人﹑ 行驶缓慢的车﹑ 费时的旅程 * a slow recovery from illness 缓慢的康复 * We're making slow progress. 我们进展缓慢. * a slow poison 慢性毒药 * They played the overture at a fairly slow tempo. 他们用相当缓慢的速度演奏那首序曲.
not quick to learn; finding things hard to understand 迟钝的; 愚钝的: a slow child, learner, pupil, etc 迟钝的孩子﹑ 学习者﹑ 学生等 * slow at figures, ie not good at doing calculations, etc 不善於计算.
[pred 作表语] ~ to sth/do sth; ~ (in/about) doing sth not doing things immediately; hesitating to act, speak, etc 迟缓的; 犹豫的: (fml 文) slow to anger 不轻易发怒 * She's not slow to tell us what she thinks. 她总是毫不犹豫地把她的想法告诉我们. * They were very slow (about) paying me. 他们不痛痛快快把钱付给我.
not lively or active enough; sluggish 不活跃的; 不景气的: The film's too slow, eg does not have enough exciting scenes, etc. 这部影片太没劲了. * Business is rather slow today, eg not many goods are being sold. 今天生意很清淡.
[pred 作表语] (often preceded by two minutes, one hour, etc 常用於two minutes﹑ one hour等之後) (of watches and clocks) showing a time earlier than the correct time (指钟表)慢: That clock is five minutes slow, eg It shows 1.55 when it is 2.00. 那座钟慢了五分.
(of a route, etc) not allowing great speed (指路径等)不能快速行进的: the slow road through the mountains 只能慢行的山路.
(of a surface) causing what moves over it (esp a ball) to move at a reduced speed (指表面)能降低(尤指球)运动速度的: a slow billiard table, cricket pitch, etc 能减低球的速度的台球台﹑ 板球场等 * Long grass makes the field slower. 场地上草很长能影响球的速度.
(of photographic film) not very sensitive to light (指摄影胶片)感光性低的.
(idm 习语) quick/slow on the draw => draw1. quick/slow on the uptake => uptake.
> slowly adv
1 (preceding or following the v, as shown 置於动词前或後, 如下列所示) in a slow1(1) way 缓慢地: walk, speak, learn, react slowly 走﹑ 说﹑ 学﹑ 反应得慢 * She slowly opened the door. 她慢慢地把门打开. * Slowly, things began to improve. 情况渐渐有了好转.
2 (idm 习语) slowly but surely making slow but definite progress 进展缓慢但平稳: Slowly but surely the great ship glided into the water. 那艘巨轮缓慢而平稳地下水了.
slowness n [U].
# `slowcoach (Brit) (US `slowpoke) n (infml 口) person who moves, acts, works or thinks slowly 动作﹑行为﹑ 工作或思考缓慢的人: Get on with it, you old slowcoach! 继续干, 你这个慢性子!
`slow lane nearside lane of a motorway, along which slow vehicles move 高速公路的慢车道.
,slow `motion (in cinema photography) method of making action appear slow by filming a scene with a higher number of exposures than usual per second, then showing it at normal speed (电影片的)慢动作: filmed in slow motion 拍摄成慢动作的 * [attrib 作定语] a ,slow-motion `sequence 慢动作连续镜头.