/ slCt; slBt/ n
narrow opening through which sth can be put (可投入东西的)窄孔: put a 10p coin in the slot 把一枚10便士的硬币投入孔中.
slit, groove or channel into which sth fits or along which sth slides (用以安装某物或供某物滑动的)沟, 槽, 滑道: a slot on a dashboard for a car radio 汽车仪表板上的收音机的插口 * The curtain hooks run along a slot in the curtain rail. 窗帘的吊钩可沿轨槽滑动.
position for sb/sth, eg in a series of broadcasts, a lecture course, etc 为某人[某事物]安排的位置或时间(如在一系列广播﹑ 讲座等中): find a slot for a talk on the economy 为经济问题演讲安排时间.
> slot v (-tt-)
1 [Tn] make a slot or slots in (sth) 在(某物)中开缺口﹑ 狭缝﹑ 沟﹑ 槽等.
2 (phr v) slot (sth/sb) in, into, through, etc (cause sth/sb to) move in, into, through, etc a slot(2, 3) (使某事物[某人])插入或置於某位置: The bolt slotted smoothly into place. 插销很容易就插上了. * slot the edge of the panel into the groove 把嵌板的边插进槽里 * Slot this disk in. 把这张盘放进去. * Can we slot her into a job in the sales department? 我们能把她安排在销售部工作吗?
# `slot-machine n machine with a slot for coins, used for gambling, or selling cigarettes, bars of chocolate, etc 投币机(设有投币孔, 可用於赌博﹑ 售香烟﹑ 巧克力糖等).