/ slAp; slAp/ v (-pp-)
[Tn] strike (sb/sth) with the palm of the hand or with sth flat; smack 掌击(某人[某物]); 掴; 拍: slap sb's face/sb on the face 打某人耳光 * People slapped me on the back after the fight, ie to congratulate me. 拳击比赛後大家拍拍我的背(以示祝贺).
[Tn.pr, Tn.p] put (sth) somewhere with a slapping noise 啪的一声将(某物)放在某处: slapped the money on the counter 啪的一声把钱放在柜台上 * slap some paint onto a wall 劈里啪啦把浆涂在墙上 * He slapped the book down (on the table). 他把书啪的一声放在桌子上.
(phr v) slap sb down (infml 口) stop sb talking, making suggestions, etc in a firm, usu unpleasant, way 严厉制止某人谈话﹑ 提建议等(通常指令人不快): She tried to object, but the chairman slapped her down. 她想表示反对意见, 但主席喝止住了她. slap sth on sth (infml 口) add (an extra amount) to the price of sth 在某物原价上加(额外的价): They've slapped 10p on the price of cigarettes. 他们把香烟价钱加了10便士.
> slap n
1 (sound of a) blow with the palm of the hand or sth flat 掌击, 掴, 拍(的声音): I heard a loud slap behind me. 我听到背後啪的一声. give sb a slap on the back 给某人背上一巴掌.
2 (idm 习语) slap and `tickle (Brit infml joc 口, 谑) lively cuddling, kissing, etc between lovers 情人间的热情搂抱﹑ 接吻等: a bit of slap and tickle on the sofa 在沙发上拥抱接吻. a slap in the `face snub or insult 冷落; 侮辱: It was a bit of a slap in the face when she refused to see me. 她拒绝见我, 这简直是侮辱我.
slap (also ,slap-`bang) adv (infml 口) 1 directly; straight 直接; 径直: The car ran slap(-bang) into the wall. 汽车一头撞到墙上了. 2 right; exactly 正好; 恰恰: She stood slap(-bang) in the middle of the path, so I couldn't get past. 她站在路的正中间, 我过不去.