/ skQl; skQl/ n
bony framework of the head under the skin 脑壳; 头颅骨: The fall fractured his skull. 这一跤把他的颅骨摔裂了. =>illus at skeleton 见skeleton插图.
(idm 习语) a thick skull => thick. > -skulled (forming compound adjs 用以构成复合形容词): thick-skulled, ie having a thick skull; stupid.
# ,skull and `cross-bones picture of a skull above two crossed bones, once used on the flags of pirates' ships and now to warn of danger, eg on bottles of poison 骷髅画, 骷髅旗(旧时为海盗旗标志, 现作危险标志, 尤用於毒药瓶上).
`skull-cap n small round cap with no peak that sits on top of the head, nowadays worn esp by male Jews when praying and by Catholic bishops 无檐便帽(今尤为男性犹太教徒祈祷时或天主教的主教戴用). =>illus at hat 见hat插图.