1 / skIp; skIp/ v (-pp-)
[Ipr, Ip] move lightly and quickly, esp by taking two steps with each foot in turn 轻快地跳(尤指每只脚轮流跳两次): a child skipping along the road, into the house, etc 沿路跳着﹑ 跳着进屋...的小孩 * skipping along, past, out, etc 蹦蹦跳跳地走去﹑ 走过﹑ 走出等 * skip out of sb's way, ie by making a little jump 跳开给某人让路 * The lambs were skipping about in the fields. 羊羔在田里跳来跳去.
[I] jump over a rope held in both one's hands or by two other people and passed repeatedly over the head and under the feet 跳绳: children skipping in the playground 在操场中跳绳的儿童 * skipping games 跳绳游戏. =>illus 见插图.
(a) [Ipr, Ip] (infml 口) go from one place to another quickly or casually 匆匆地或随便地由一处到另一处: skip over/across to Paris for the weekend 匆匆赶到巴黎度周末 * (fig 比喻) She skipped from one subject to another. 她讲得没有条理, 东拉西扯. (b) [I, Ipr, Ip, Tn no passive 不用於被动语态] ~ (out of...); ~ off leave (a place) secretly or in a hurry 悄悄地或匆匆地离开(某地): skip (out of) the country with the stolen money 携赃款潜逃国外 * skip off without saying anything to anyone 一声不吭地匆匆溜走.
[Tn] not attend (a meeting, etc) 不参加(会议等): skip a lecture, an appointment, a class, etc 未参加讲座﹑ 没赴约﹑ 旷课.
[I, Tn] omit (part of a book when reading, a task, etc) 略过(书中的一部分﹑ 任务等): I read the whole book without skipping (a page). 我一页不漏地读完了全书. * Skip the first chapter and start on page 25. 跳过第一章, 从第25页开始看. * He managed to skip the washing-up. 他变着法地不做洗碗的事.
(idm 习语) `skip it! (infml 口) don't talk about that any more 别再提这件事了: I've heard enough about your job, so skip it! 你的工作我已经听够了, 别再提了!
> skip n skipping movement 跳跃; 跳绳; 跳过; 躲过: a hop, a skip and a jump 三级跳远.
# `skipping-rope n length of rope, usu with handles at each end, used esp by a child or a boxer for skipping 跳绳用的绳子. =>illus 见插图.