/ skIl; skIl/ n
[U] ~ (at sth/doing sth) ability to do sth well 技能; 技艺; 技巧: show great skill at driving, telling stories, playing billiards 显示出驾驶﹑ 讲故事﹑ 打台球的高度技巧.
[C] particular type of skill 技能; 技艺; 技巧: the practical skills needed in carpentry 木工所需的应用技艺.
> skilled adj
1 ~ (in/at sth/doing sth) (a) having skill; skilful 熟练的; 有能力的: a skilled negotiator 谈判能手 * skilled at dealing with complaints 善於处理投诉个案. (b) experienced; trained 有经验的; 训练过的: a skilled worker, salesperson, etc 有经验的工人﹑ 推销员等 * an actor skilled at improvising 擅长临场发挥的演员.
2 [attrib 作定语] (of work) needing skill (指工作)需要技能的: a skilled job 技术性的工作.