/ ski:; ski/ n either of a pair of long narrow strips of wood, plastic, etc fixed to a person's boots so that he can glide smoothly over snow 滑雪板: a pair of skis 一副滑雪板 * bind on one's skis 缚上滑雪板 * [attrib 作定语] a ski suit, slope, club 滑雪衣﹑ 斜坡﹑ 俱乐部.
> ski v (pt, pp ski'd or skied, pres p skiing) [I, Ipr, Ip] move over snow on skis, esp as a sport 滑雪(尤指作 为运动): go skiing in Switzerland 去瑞士滑雪 * ski into a village 滑雪滑进一村庄 * ski past, along, down, etc 滑雪滑过﹑ 滑去﹑ 滑下.... skier / 5ski:E(r); `skiL/ n person who uses skis 滑雪的人. skiing n [U] activity or sport of moving on skis 滑雪; 滑雪运动: [attrib 作定语] a skiing course, instructor, resort 滑雪课程﹑ 教练﹑ 胜地 * skiing equipment, clothes 滑雪用具﹑ 服装. =>illus 见插图.
# `ski-bob n vehicle used for races on snow and resembling a bicycle with skis instead of wheels 滑雪车(状如自行车, 有滑雪板, 无轮).
`ski-jump n
jump made by a skier after sliding down a long ramp 滑雪跳跃.
ramp for making such jumps 供滑雪跳跃的斜坡.
competition in which such jumps are made 滑雪跳跃比赛.
`ski-lift n device for pulling or carrying skiers up a slope 载送滑雪者上坡的装置.
`ski-plane n aircraft fitted with skis instead of wheels, enabling it to land on snow 雪上飞机(装有雪橇﹑ 可在雪地降落的飞机).