/ sketF; skZtF/ n
rough quickly-made drawing, without many details 素描; 速写; 草图: make a sketch of a face, place 作一面部﹑ 地方的速写.
short account or description, giving only basic details 简短的陈述或描写: a newspaper sketch of a debate in Parliament 报上关於议会辩论的简短报道 * give a sketch of one's plans 概述一项计画.
short funny play or piece of writing 诙谐的短剧或短文: a sketch set in a doctor's surgery 以医生诊所为背景的诙谐短剧 * She writes satirical sketches for a magazine. 她为一家杂志撰写讽刺小品.
> sketch [I, Tn]
1 draw sketches; make a sketch of (sb/sth) 作素描; 画速写; 作(某人[某事物])的素描﹑ 速写或草图: go into the park to sketch (flowers) 去公园作(花卉)写生.
2 (phr v) sketch sth out give a general description or account of sth; outline sth 概述(某事); 草拟: sketch out proposals for a new road 草拟修建新路的计画 * Sketch out what you intend to do. 把你要做的事概括地叙述一下.
sketchy adj (-ier, -iest) (often derog 常作贬义) lacking thoroughness and detail; incomplete; rough 概要的; 不完全的; 粗略的: Your essay gives a rather sketchy treatment of the problem. 你的文章只粗略地涉及到这个问题. * I have only a sketchy knowledge of geography. 我对地理只是一知半解. * Information about the crisis was sketchy and hard to get. 关於这次危机的消息所知甚少并且很难获得. sketchily adv: The book treats the problem too sketchily. 该书关於这一问题写得太简略. `sketchiness n [U].
# `sketch-book, `sketch-pad ns book of sheets of paper for sketching on 素描簿; 速写簿.
`sketch-map n map, usu drawn by hand, that shows only basic details 略图; (通常指手画的)地图.