/ 5sImpl; `sImpl/ adj (-r, -st)
easily done or understood; not causing difficulty 简单的; 简明的: a simple task, sum, problem 简单的工作﹑ 算题﹑ 问题 * written in simple English 用浅显的英文写出 * The machine is quite simple to use. 这机器使用很简便. * When speaking to young people, keep it simple, ie speak in a way they can understand. 对年轻人说话, 要简明易懂.
plain in form, design, etc; without much decoration or ornament 式样简朴的; 朴素的: simple food, furniture 简单的食物﹑ 家具 * a simple style of architecture 简朴的建筑风格 * the simple life, ie a way of living without luxury, expensive entertainments, etc 简朴的生活 * I like my clothes to be simple but elegant. 我喜欢穿朴素大方的衣服.
[usu attrib 通常作定语] (a) not made up of many parts or elements 单纯的; 非复合的: a simple substance, mixture 单纯的物质﹑ 混合物 * a simple tool, toy 简单的工具﹑ 玩具 * a simple sentence, ie one without subordinate clauses 简单句. (b) not highly developed; basic in structure or function 未充分发展的; (在结构或功能方面)初级的: simple forms of life, like one-cell organisms 生命的原始形式, 如单细胞有机体 * a fairly simple system of classification 相当初步的分类系统.
(a) natural and straightforward; not sophisticated 自然的; 率直的; 天真的: behave in a simple, open way 行为直率 * as simple as a child 像儿童一样天真. (b) not having a high position in society; ordinary 社会地位不高的; 普通的; 卑微的: I'm just a simple soldier. 我只不过是普通士兵. * My father was a simple farm-worker.我父亲是个普通的农民.
(a) easily deceived; inexperienced; nave 易受欺的; 无经验的; 幼稚的: Are you simple enough to believe what that liar tells you? 你会蠢到相信那骗子说的话吗? * I'm not so simple as to think it will be easy. 我决不致於笨得以为那是容易的事. (b) (infml 口) not having normal intelligence 头脑简单的; 智能低下的: She doesn't understand you. She's a bit simple. 她不明白你的意思. 她有点笨.
[attrib 作定语] nothing more or other than 纯粹的; 纯然的: It's a simple fact. 这就是事实. * a simple unbiased account of events 对事情纯然无偏见的叙述 * Was it simple greed that made you steal it? 你偷这件东西是完全因为贪心作祟吗?
(idm 习语) pure and simple =>pure.
> simple n (arch 古) herb used for treating illness, wounds, etc 草药.
simply / 5sImplI; `sImplI/ adv
1 in an easy way 简单地; 简明地: solved quite simply 很简单就解决了 * Explain it as simply as you can. 尽可能简单地解释一下.
2 in a plain or unfussy way 朴素地; 朴实地: dress simply穿得朴素 * simply dressed 衣着朴素 * live simply 生活朴素.
3 completely; absolutely 完全地; 绝对地: His pronunciation is simply terrible. 他的发音实在糟透了. * I simply refuse to go! 我就是不去!
4 merely; only 仅; 只: I bought the house simply because it was large. 就是因为这所房子大我才买的. * Is success simply a matter of working hard? 是否只要勤奋就能成功?
# simple fraction = vulgar fraction (vulgar).
,simple `interest interest paid on a capital sum only, not on the interest that is added to it 单利. Cf 参看 compound interest (compound1).
,simple ma`chine any simple instrument used as (part of) a machine, eg a wheel, lever, pulley 简单机械(如轮﹑ 杠杆﹑ 滑轮).
,simple-`minded adj (often derog 常作贬义) showing very little intelligence 头脑简单的; 笨的: her more,simple-minded sup`porters 她的那些头脑更加简单的支持者 * a simple-minded approach to the problem 处理该问题愚蠢的办法.