/ 5sImIlE(r); `sImElL/ adj ~ (to sb/sth) resembling sb/sth but not the same; alike 相似的; 类似的: We have similar tastes in music. 我们在音乐方面爱好相似. * Gold is similar in colour to brass. 金与黄铜的颜色相似. * The brothers look very similar. 他们兄弟看上去很相似.
> similarly adv
in a similar way 相似地; 类似地: The two boys dress similarly. 两个小男孩穿得差不多一样.
also; likewise 也; 同样: She was late and I similarly was delayed. 她迟到了, 我也晚了.
similarity / 9sImE5lArEtI; 9sImE`lArEtI/ n
1 [U] being similar; likeness 相似; 类似: points of similarity between the two men 这两人的相似之点.
2 [C] similar feature or aspect 相似之处; 相似之点: similarities in age and background 年龄与背景相似.