/ 5sIlI; `sIlI/ adj (-ier, -iest)
(a) not showing thought or understanding; foolish 愚昧的; 愚蠢的; 傻的: a silly little boy 傻小子 * Don't be silly! 别这麽傻! * silly mistakes 愚蠢的错误 * What a silly thing to say! 这话说得多蠢! (b) ridiculous in appearance, behaviour, etc (外貌﹑ 行为等)可笑的, 荒唐的: made us play silly games 让我们做荒唐可笑的游戏.
[attrib 作定语] (of a fielder in cricket) standing close to the batsman (指板球中的外场员)靠近击球员的: silly mid-on 靠近击球员的外场员.
(idm 习语) laugh oneself sick/silly =>laugh . play `silly buggers (Brit sl 俚) behave in a foolish or irresponsible way 举止愚蠢或不负责任: Stop playing silly buggers and help me lift this. 别胡闹了, 快来帮我把这个抬起来. the `silly season time, usu in the summer, when newspapers are full of trivial stories because there is little news 新闻淡季(通常在夏季, 因报上缺少主要新闻而琐事充斥). >silliness n [U].
silly (also silly-billy) n (infml 口) (often used to or by children 常用以指儿童或儿童常用) silly person 傻瓜; 笨蛋: Of course I won't leave you alone, you silly! 当然我不会把你单独留下, 你这个小傻瓜!