/ sIg5nIfIkEnt; sI^`nIfEkEnt/ adj
(a) having a meaning, esp one that is immediately obvious 有意义的(尤指直接而明显的): Their change of plan is strange but I don't think it's significant. 他们改变了计画十分奇怪, 我觉得没有什麽用意. (b) full of meaning 意味深长的: a significant remark, look, smile 意味深长的话语﹑ 一瞥﹑ 微笑.
important; considerable 重要的; 重大的; 可观的: a significant rise in profits 利润的巨大增长.
> significantly adv
1 in a way that conveys a special meaning 意味深长地; 意义深远地: smile, nod, wink significantly 意味深长地微笑﹑ 点点头﹑ 眨眨眼 * Significantly, he did not deny that there might be an election. 颇有意义的是, 他没否认可能要进行选举.
2 to an important or considerable degree 重要地; 重大地; 可观地: Profits have risen significantly. 利润已大大提高了.