1 / FaI; FaI/ adj (shyer, shyest)
(a) (of people) timid and nervous in the presence of others; reserved (指人)羞怯的, ?腆的: He was too shy to speak to her. 他很怕羞, 连话都不敢跟她说. * The child isn't at all shy with adults. 这小孩在大人面前一点也不羞怯. (b) (of behaviour, etc) showing that one is timid, reserved, etc (指行为等)羞怯的, ?腆的: a shy look, smile, etc 羞怯的表情﹑ 微笑等.
(of animals, birds, etc) unwilling to be seen by or be near to humans; easily frightened (指鸟兽等)不愿近人的, 易受惊的, 胆怯的.
~ of sb/doing sth wary or afraid of (a person or an action) 对(某人或某行为)存戒心的或有顾忌的: The dog is shy of strangers. 这狗怕生人. * I'm shy of buying shares, in case I lose money. 我不敢买股票, 怕赔钱.
~ (on/of sth/sb) (US infml 口) short of or lacking sth/sb 短﹑ 少或缺某事物[某人]: We've plenty of wine, but we're shy on beer. 我们有很多葡萄酒, 但啤酒不够. * We are still two men shy (of a full team). 我们还少两个人(才能凑成一个队).
(idm 习语) fight shy of sb/sth =>fight1. once bitten, twice shy => bite1.
> shy v (pt, pp shied / FaId; FaId/)
1 [I, Ipr] ~ (at sth) (of a horse) turn aside or hold back in fear or alarm (指马)受惊, 惊: The colt shied at the fence and refused to jump over it. 这马驹到障碍物前害怕不敢跳过去.
2 (phr v) shy away from sth/doing sth avoid or move away from (doing) sth because of shyness, fear, etc (因害羞﹑ 恐惧等)避免或逃避(做某事): I've always shied away from close friendships. 我总是避免与人深交.
-shy (forming compound adjs 用以构成复合形容词) avoiding or not liking the thing specified 避开或厌恶某事物的: `camera-shy, ie reluctant to be photographed * a pub,licity-shy poli`tician * You've been `work-shy all your life. 你这辈子就是不喜欢工作. shyly adv. shyness n [U].