/ FrINk; FrINk/ v (pt shrank / FrANk; FrANk/ or shrunk / FrQNk; FrQNk/, pp shrunk)
[I, Tn] (cause sth to) become smaller, esp because of moisture or heat or cold (使某物)收缩(尤指因受潮﹑ 受热或受凉所致); 萎缩: Will this shirt shrink in the wash? 这件衬衫洗後缩水吗? * The dough shrank slowly in the cold air. 面团在冷空气中慢慢收缩了. * Car sales have been shrinking (ie Fewer have been sold) recently. 汽车销量近来一直在下降. * The hot water shrank my pullover. 我的套头毛衣遇热水後收缩了.
(idm 习语) a ,shrinking `violet (joc 谑) timid or shy person 胆小的或怕羞的人: She's no shrinking violet always ready to speak up for herself. 她可不胆小--任何场合都能为自己说话.
(phr v) shrink (away/back) from sth/sb move back or withdraw from sth/sb, esp through fear or disgust 退缩;畏缩: As he moved threateningly forward she shrank (back) from him. 他步步逼近, 把她吓得直(向後)退缩. shrink from sth/doing sth be reluctant to do sth 不愿做某事: He shrinks from hurting animals. 他很怕伤害了动物.
> shrink n (sl joc 俚, 谑 esp US) psychiatrist 精神科医生; 精神病学家.
shrinkage / 5FrINkIdV; `FrINkIdV/ n [U] process of shrinking; amount by which sth shrinks 收缩过程; 收缩量; 收缩程度: You can expect some shrinkage when the jeans are washed. 这种牛仔裤洗後要缩些水. * There has been some shrinkage in our export trade. 我们的出口贸易已有些萎缩.
shrunken / 5FrQNkEn; `FrQNkEn/ adj [usu attrib 通常作定语] having shrunk 萎缩的; 收缩的: an old, shrunken apple 因放久而蔫了的苹果 * the shrunken body of a starving child 孩子饿瘦的身体.
# ,shrink-`wrap v (-pp-) [Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] wrap (eg food) in plastic film that shrinks tightly round it 用收缩性塑料薄膜包装(如食物): ,shrink-wrapped `cheese 用收缩塑料薄膜包装的乾酪.