1 / FEU; Fo/ n
[C] any type of public entertainment, eg a circus, a theatre performance, or a radio or TV programme 演出; 表演; 节目: a TV quiz show 电视上的智力竞赛节目 * a comedy show on radio 收音机里的喜剧节目 * She has her own chat show. 她有个个人漫谈节目. * The most successful shows in the London theatre are often musicals. 伦敦剧院最叫座的剧目往往是歌舞喜剧.
[C] public display or exhibition, eg of things in a competition, new products, etc 展览; 展览会: a flower, horse, cattle show 花卉﹑ 马﹑ 牛的展览会 * the motor show, ie where new models of cars, etc are displayed汽车展览会 * the Lord Mayor's Show, ie a procession through the streets of London when a new Mayoris appointed 伦敦市长的就职游行. =>Usage at demonstration 用法见demonstration.
[C, U] (a) thing done to give a certain impression, often a false one; outward appearance 表面上做出的样子(常指虚伪的); 外观: a show of defiance, strength, friendship, sympathy 做出的蔑视﹑ 强大﹑ 友好﹑ 同情的样子 * His public expressions of grief are nothing but show. 他公开表示悲痛只不过是做做样子而已. (b) splendid or pompous display 炫耀; 夸示: a fine show of blossom on the apple trees 苹果树上盛开的花朵 * all the glitter and show of the circus 马戏团的光彩华丽的洋洋大观 * They are too fond of show, ie too ostentatious. 他们太好炫耀.
[C usu sing 通常作单数] (Brit infml 口) thing done or performed in a specified way 表现: a poor show, ie sth done badly 表现不佳 * put up a good show, eg do well in examinations or a contest 表现良好.
[C] (infml 口) anything that is happening; organization, business or undertaking 事情; 组织; 事业; 企业: She runs the whole show. 她负责全部业务. * Let's get this show moving, ie start work. 咱们先干起来吧. * This is the manager's show: you must ask him about it. 这是经理的事: 你得问他.
(idm 习语) for `show intended to be seen but not used 为了给人看而不是为了使用: She only has those books for show she never reads them. 她的那些书只是装门面的--她从来不看. ,good `show! (Brit infml 口) (used to express approval or congratulation when sth has been done well 用以表示赞成或祝贺某事干得好): You passed your exams? Good show! 你考试及格了? 好极了! on `show being displayed 在展览中; 陈列着: All the new products were on show at the exhibition. 展览会上陈列着所有的新产品. a show of `hands raising of hands by a group of people to vote for or against sth 举手表决(赞成或反对某事): The issue was decided by a show of hands. 这件事是通过举手表决决定的. * Who is in favour of the proposal? Can I have a show of hands, please? 谁赞成这项建议? 请大家举手表决好吗? steal the scene/show =>steal. stop the show =>stop1.
> showy adj (-ier, -iest) (often derog 常作贬义) attracting attention through being bright, colourful or exaggerated 夸示的; 炫示的: a showy dress, hair-style, manner 花哨的连衣裙﹑ 招眼的发型﹑ 做作的态度. showily / -IlI; -ElI/ adv: dress very showily 穿得十分艳丽. showiness n [U].
# showbiz / 5FEUbIz; `FobIz/ n [U] (infml 口) = show business.
`show business business of professional entertainment,esp in the theatre, in films, in TV, etc 演艺业, 娱乐界(尤指戏剧﹑ 电影﹑ 电视等): working in show business 在娱乐界工作 * [attrib 作定语] show-business people, news 娱乐界人士﹑ 新闻.
`show-case n
1 case with a glass top or sides, for displaying articles in a shop, museum, etc (商店﹑ 博物馆等的)玻璃柜橱, 陈列橱.
2 (fig 比喻) any means of showing sth favourably 显示某事物优点的方法: The programme is a show-case for young talent. 该计画旨在展示年轻人的才华.
`show-down n final test, argument or fight to settle adispute (为解决争端的)最後的较量: The two contenders for the world championship will meet for a show-down next month. 两位世界冠军竞争者将於下月一决雌雄. * Management are seeking a show-down with the unions on the issue of illegal strikes. 资方正在就非法罢工问题与工会摊牌.
`showgirl n girl (usu one of a group) who sings and dances in a musical show (歌舞喜剧中的)歌舞女演员.
`show-jumping n [U] sport of riding a horse to jump over barriers, fences, etc 骑马跳越障碍运动: [attrib 作定语] a show-jumping competition 骑马跳越障碍比赛.
showman / -mEn; -mEn/ n (pl -men / -mEn; -mEn/)1 person who organizes public entertainments, eg musicals, pop concerts, etc 演出主持人(如歌舞喜剧﹑ 流行音乐会等的). 2 person who is skilled in showmanship 善於引起公众注意的人: He's always been a bit of a showman, ie fond of drawing attention to himself. 他总是爱出风头.
`showmanship n [U] skill in attracting public attention, eg to sth one wishes to sell or to one's own abilities 引起大家注意的技巧(如招揽生意或展示能力).
`show-piece n thing that is an excellent example of its type and is therefore used for display 供展出的样品.
`show-place n place that is attractive or interesting, eg for tourists 吸引人的或有趣的地方(如游客去处): old castles, palaces and other show-places 古老的城堡﹑ 皇宫以及其他游览胜地.
`showroom n place where things, eg goods for sale, are put on display 商品陈列室.