2 / FR:t; FRrt/ adv
suddenly; abruptly 突然; 唐突地: He stopped short when he heard his name called. 他听到有人叫他, 就突然停了下来.
(idm 习语) be caught/taken `short (infml 口) suddenly feel the needto go to the lavatory urgently 突然感到要去厕所. bring/pull sb up short/sharply =>pull2. cut a long story short =>long1. cut sth/sb `short bring sth/sb to an end before the usual or natural time; interrupt sth/sb 结束或中断某事物: a career tragically cut short by illness 因疾病而不幸中断的事业 * The interviewer cut short his guest in mid-sentence. 采访的人没等客人把那句话说完就打断了他的话. fall short of sth not reach sth 未达到(某目的): The money collected fell short of the amount required. 筹集的资金没达到所需的数额. * His achievements had fallen short of his hopes. 他的成就没有达到他期望的那麽大. go short (of sth) not have enough (of sth) 缺少(某物); 欠缺: If you earn well, you'll never go short. 钱挣多了就什麽都不缺了. * The children must not go short of food. 儿童不可缺少食物. run short (of sth) use up most of one's supply (of sth) 已快用完(某物): Go and get some more oil so we don't run short. 去多弄些油来以免到时候用光了. * I'm late for work every day, and I'm running short of excuses. 我每天迟到, 现在找不到什麽藉口了. sell sth/sb short =>sell. short of sth without sth; unless sth happens 没有(某事物); 除非(发生某事): Short of a miracle, we're certain to lose now. 除非出现奇迹, 不然我们现在是输定了. stop short of sth/doing sth =>stop1.