1 / FeE(r); FZr/ n
[C] ~ (in/of sth) part or portion of a larger amount which is divided among several or many people, or to which several or many people contribute (分享到的或贡献出的)一份: a fair share of the food 应得的一份食物 * the robber's share of the stolen money 劫匪的一份赃款 * Your share of the cost is 10. 你这一份费用是10英镑. * Everyone who helped gets a share in the profits. 凡是帮过忙的就得到一份利润.
[U, sing] ~ (in/of sth) person's part in sth done, received, etc by several people (参与﹑ 得到等的)份儿: What share did he have in their success? 在他们的成绩中他有何贡献? * She must take her share of the blame, ie accept that she was partly responsible. 她必须承担事故的部分责任. * You're not taking much share in the conversation, ie you're saying little. 在交谈中你没怎麽说话.
[C] any of the equal parts into which the capital of a business company is divided, giving the holder a right to a portion of the profits 股; 股份: stocks and shares 股份 * buy/hold 500 shares in a shipping company 购买[持有]某航运公司的500股股份 * 2 shares are now worth 2.75. 2英镑的股份现值2.75英镑. * [attrib 作定语] share capital, dealing, prices 股本﹑ 股票交易﹑ 股票价格 * a share certificate 股票.
(idm 习语) get, etc a/one's fair share of sth => fair1. get, etc a slice/share of the cake => cake. go `shares (with sb) (in sth) (Brit infml 口) share (profits, costs, etc) equally with others 与他人分享(利润)或分摊(费用): Let me go shares with you in the taxi fare. 我和你分摊计程车费吧. the lion's share => lion.
> share v
1 (a) [Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth (out) (among/between sb) give a share of sth to others 将某物平均分配: share 100 equally between five people, ie by giving them 20 each 把100英镑平分给五个人(每人得20英镑) * share the sweets among the children 把糖分给孩子们 * The profits are shared (out) equally among the partners. 合伙人均分利润. (b) [I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sth) (with sb) have a share of (sth) with another or others 与别人分享(某物): Let's share (the last cake); you have half and I'll have half. 咱们分了(最後这块蛋糕)吧, 你一半我一半. * He would share his last pound with me. 他要是剩下最後一镑也会和我分着用.
2 [I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sth) (with sb) have or use (sth) with others; have (sth) in common 与别人共有或合用(某物); 在(某方面)有共同之处: There's only one bedroom, so we'll have to share. 只有一个卧室, 所以我们得合着用. * share a bed, room, house, etc 合用一张床﹑ 一个房间﹑ 一所房子等 * share sb's belief, faith, optimism, etc 与某人有共同的信仰﹑ 信念﹑ 乐观态度等 * He shares my fears about a possible war. 他和我一样害怕有可能发生战争. * We both share the credit for (ie were both responsible for) this success. 做成这件事我们俩都有功劳. * Will you share your pen with me? 我能与你合用你的笔吗?
3 [Ipr, Tn] ~ (in) sth have a share in sth; participate in sth 分摊或分享某事物; 参与某事物: I will share (in) the cost with you. 我愿与你分摊费用. * She shares (in) my troubles as well as my joys. 她与我同甘共苦.
4 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sb) tell sb about sth 将某事告诉某人: She won't share her secret (with us). 她不肯把她的秘密告诉我们. * I want to share my news with you. 我想把我得到的消息告诉你.
5 (idm 习语) share and share a`like (saying 谚) share things equally 事事均分: Don't be so selfish it's share and share alike in this house. 别这麽自私--在这所房子里要事事均分.
# `share-cropper n (esp US) tenant farmer who gives part of his crop as rent to the owner of the land 佃农.
`shareholder n owner of shares in a business company 股东.
`share index number used to show the current value of shares on the stock market, based on the prices of a selected number of shares 股票指数: The Financial Times share index went up five points yesterday. 《金融时报》的股票指数昨天上升了五点.
`share-out n [sing] distribution 分配; 分摊: After the robbery the crooks had a share-out (of the stolen money). 歹徒们打劫後把赃款分掉了.