/ 5FAlEU; `FAlo/ adj (-er, -est)
not deep 浅的: shallow water 浅水 * a shallow saucer, dish, bowl, etc 浅的茶托﹑ 碟子﹑ 盆等 * the shallow end, eg of a swimming-pool 水浅的一端(如游泳池的) * shallow breathing 浅呼吸.
(derog 贬) (of a person) not thinking or capable of thinking seriously; (of ideas, remarks, etc) not showing serious thought (指人)肤浅的, 浅薄的; (指思想言语等)肤浅的, 浅显的: a shallow writer, argument, conversation, book 浅薄的作家﹑ 议论﹑ 交谈﹑ 书. Cf 参看 deep1.
> shallow v [I] become shallow 变浅.
shallowly adv.
shallowness n [U].
shallows n [pl] shallow place in a river or in the sea (河或海的)浅水处.