/ sI5vIE(r); sE`vIr/ adj (-r, -st)
~ (on/with sb/sth) strict or harsh in attitude or treatment; imposing stern discipline 严格的; 严厉的; 苛刻的; 纪律严明的: a severe look, punishment, measure 严厉的样子﹑ 惩罚﹑ 措施 * a severe critic of modern drama 严厉批评现代戏剧的评论家 * be severe with one's children 对子女很严 * Was the judge too severe on the thief? 这个法官对小偷是不是太严厉了?
very bad, intense, difficult, etc 非常恶劣﹑ 紧张﹑ 困难等: a severe storm 猛烈的风暴 * severe pain, injuries, etc 剧痛﹑ 重伤 * a severe attack of toothache 牙齿的剧痛 * The drought is becoming increasingly severe. 旱灾日趋严重.
demanding great skill, ability, patience, etc (对技巧﹑ 能力﹑ 耐心等)要求很高的: a severe test of climbers' stamina 对攀登者耐力的严峻考验 * severe competition for university places 考大学的激烈竞争 * The pace of the race was too severe to be maintained for long. 比赛的速度极快, 很难持久.
(of style, appearance, clothing, etc) unadorned; simple (指风格﹑ 外貌﹑ 衣物等)无装饰的, 简单的, 朴素的: Her plain black dress was too severe for such a cheerful occasion. 她穿着黑色连衣裙, 在这种欢乐的场合未免太素了.
> severely adv: punish sb severely 严厉惩罚某人 * severely handicapped 严重伤残 * dress very severely 穿得很朴素.
severity / sI5verEtI; sE`vZrEtI/ n
1 [U] quality of being severe 严格; 严厉; 苛刻; 剧烈; 朴素: punish sb with severity 严厉惩罚某人 * the severity (ie extreme cold) of the winter 冬天的严寒.
2 severities [pl] (fml 文) severe treatment or conditions 严厉的对待; 艰苦的环境: the harsh severities of life in the desert 沙漠生活的艰苦.