/ 5sentImEnt; `sZntEmEnt/ n
[U] (usu derog 通常作贬义) tender feelings of pity, nostalgia, etc, which may be exaggerated or wrongly directed (contrasted esp with reason) (对怜悯﹑ 怀旧等的)柔懦情感(可为夸张的或滥施的, 尤与理智相对): act from rational motives rather than sentiment 行事出於理智而非出於怜悯之情 * a love story full of cloying sentiment 通篇缠绵伤感的爱情小说 * There's no room for sentiment in business. 做生意不能婆婆妈妈的感情用事.
[U, C usu pl 作不可数名词或可数名词, 後者通常作复数] (expression of an) attitude or opinion, usu influenced by emotion 态度或意见(的表示)(通常指受感情影响的): a speech full of lofty sentiments 充分表达高尚情操的演 讲 * Sentiment in the City (ie the financial centre of London) is now in favour of a cut in taxes. 在伦敦金融中心, 群情期於减税.
sentiments [pl] (fml or rhet 文或修辞) point of view; opinion 观点; 意见: What are your sentiments on this issue? 你对这个问题有什麽看法? * My sentiments exactly! ie I agree! 我完全同意!