/ 5sensEtIv; `sZnsEtIv/ adj
(a) easily hurt or damaged 易受伤害的; 易损坏的: the sensitive skin of a baby 婴儿娇嫩的皮肤* A sensitive nerve in a tooth can cause great pain. 牙神经易受损伤, 可产生巨痛. (b) ~ (to sth) affected greatly or easily by sth 很受影响的; 易受影响的; 敏感的: Photographic paper is highly sensitive to light. 感光纸对光十分敏感. * This material is heat-sensitive, ie responds quickly to changes in temperature. 这种材料对温度变化很敏感.
~ (about/to sth) easily offended or emotionally upset 易生气的; 感情容易冲动的; 神经质的: a frail and sensitive child 脆弱而娇气的孩子 * He's very sensitive about being small, so don't mention it. 他对自己个子矮小神经过敏, 可别提这件事. * A writer mustn't be too sensitive to criticism. 作家不可对批评意见反应过激.
(approv 褒) having or showing perceptive feeling or sympathetic understanding 有细腻感情的; 同情理解的: an actor's sensitive reading of a poem 演员富於感情的诗朗诵 * When I need advice, he is a helpful and sensitive friend. 我一没了主意他就帮助我, 是个体贴人的朋友.
~ (to sth) (of instruments, etc) able to measure very small changes (指仪器等)灵敏的: a sensitive thermometer, balance, ammeter, etc 灵敏的温度计﹑ 天平﹑ 安培计等 * (fig 比喻) The Stock Exchange is sensitive to likely political changes. 证券交易所对潜在的政治变化很敏感.
needing to be treated with great secrecy or tact 需极秘密或慎重处理的: sensitive military information 需秘密处理的军事情报 * a sensitive issue like race relations 需慎重对待的种族关系问题. =>Usage at sensible 用法见sensible.
> sensitively adv.
sensitivity / 9sensE5tIvEtI; 9sZnsE`tIvEtI/ n [U] ~ (to sth) quality or degree of being sensitive 易受伤害的特性; 敏感性; 灵敏度: sensitivity to pain, light, heat 对疼痛﹑ 光﹑ 热的敏感 * the sensitivity of a writer 作家的细腻感情.
sensitize, -ise / 5sensItaIz; `sZnsE9taIz/ v [esp passive 尤用於被动语态: Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth/sb (to sth) 1 make sth or sb sensitive 使某事物或某人敏感: sensitize students to a poet's use of language 培养学生对诗人语言运用的感受能力. 2 (in photography) make (film, paper, etc) sensitive to light (摄影)使(胶片﹑ 纸等)易於感光.