/ 5selE(r); `sZlL/ n
(often in compounds 常用以构成复合词) person who sells 卖者; 卖方: a `bookseller 书商 * the buyer and the seller 买方和卖方.
(esp following an adj 尤用於形容词之後) item that is sold (esp in the manner specified) 售出之物(尤指以修饰词语描述之方式售出): This model is a poor seller, ie Not many have been sold. 这种型号的不好卖. * This dictionary is a best seller. 这部词典是畅销书.
# ,seller's `market situation in which goods are in demand, so that sellers have an advantage 卖方市场(供不应求而有利卖方的): It's a seller's market for vintage cars, ie Many people will pay high prices for them. 1917年到1930年制造的汽车有卖方市场(很多人愿高价收购).