/ sI5lektIv; sE`lZktIv/ adj
using or based on selection 选择的; 选择性的: the selective training of recruits, ie the training of specially chosen recruits 对挑选出的新成员的培训 * a selective weed-killer, ie one that kills weeds but not other plants 选择性除草剂(专除杂草而不伤及其他植物的).
~ (about sb/sth) tending to choose carefully 挑拣的: I'm very selective about the people I associate with. 我与他人来往极慎重, 不滥交.
> selectively adv.
selectivity / 9sIlek5tIvEtI; sE9lZk`tIvEtI/ n [U]
1 quality of being selective 选择性.
2 the power of a radio to receive broadcasts from one station without interference from other stations (收音机排除干扰的)选择性能.
# se,lective `service (US) selection of people for compulsory military service 义务兵役.