/ sI5lekt; sE`lZkt/ v [Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.n/a, Cn.t] ~ sb/sth (as sth) choose sb/sth, esp as being the best or most suitable 选择, 挑选, 选拔(尤指最好的或最合适的): select a gift, candidate, wine 挑选礼物﹑ 候选人﹑ 葡萄酒 * select a card from the rack 从架子上选择贺卡 * selected as the team leader 被选中作队长 * Who has been selected to take part in the project? 挑上谁来参与这项计画? =>Usage at choose 用法见choose.
> select adj
[usu attrib 通常作定语] carefully chosen, esp as the best out of a larger group 仔细挑选的; (尤指)精选的: select passages of Milton's poetry 弥尔顿诗选.
(of a society, club, gathering, etc) admitting only certain people; exclusive (指会社﹑ 俱乐部﹑ 集会等)选择成员严格的: a select group of top scientists 最优秀科学家小组 * a film shown to a select audience 给内部观众放映的影片 * This area is very select, ie Only the most wealthy, respectable, etc people live here. 这个地方住的人很有来头(非富即贵的人住的地方).
selector n
1 person who selects (eg members of a national team) 负责挑选的人(如挑选国家队队员的人).
2 device that selects (eg the correct gear) 选择器(如选择适当排挡的).
# se,lect com`mittee (in the House of Commons) committee that checks the activities of a particular ministry or that is appointed to conduct a special investigation (下议院中的)特别委员会.