/ 5segrIgeIt; `sZ^rI9^et/ v [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth (from sb/sth) 1 put sb/sth in a place away from the rest; isolate 将某人[某事物]隔离﹑ 分离或分开: segregate cholera patients 把霍乱病人隔离开 * The two groups of fans must be segregated in the stadium. 必须把体育场中这两部分球迷隔开.
separate (esp a racial or religious group) from the rest of the community and treat them unfairly 将(尤指某种族或宗教团体)与社区其他人隔开并作不公平对待: Why should the handicappedbe segregated from the able-bodied? 为什麽要把伤残人士和身体健康的人分开? * a segregated society, ie one in which some groups are segregated 有种族隔离的社会. Cf 参看 integrate.
> segregation / 9segrI5geIFn; 9sZ^rI`^eFEn/ n [U] segregating or being segregated; state of being segregated 隔离; 隔离状况: a policy of racial segregation 种族隔离政策 * We oppose segregation on religious grounds. 我们反对基於宗教不同的隔离状况. Cf 参看 integration (integrate).