/ 5sekjUlE(r); `sZkjElL/ adj
not concerned with spiritual or religious affairs; worldly 现世的; 世俗的: secular education, art, music 世俗教育﹑ 艺术﹑ 音乐 * the secular power, ie the State contrasted with theChurch 政权(非教会之权).
(of priests) not belonging to a community of monks (指教士)不属修道院的: the secular clergy, ie parish priests, etc 教区神职人员.
> secularism / -lErIzEm; -lEr9IzEm/ n [U] belief that morality, education, etc should not be based on religion 现世主义; 世俗主义. secularist / -lErIst; -lErIst/ n believer in or supporter of secularism 现世主义者; 世俗主义者.
secularize, -ise / -lEraIz; -lEr9aIz/ v [Tn] (fml 文) make (sth) secular 使(某事物)现世化, 世俗化: secularize church property, courts, education 使教会财产﹑ 法院﹑ 教育不受教会控制 * Is the country more secularized nowadays? 现在该国的宗教影响力减弱了吗?