2 / si:l; sil/ n
(a) piece of wax, lead or other soft material, usu stamped with a design and fixed to a document to show that it is genuine, or to a letter, packet, container, etc to prevent it being opened by the wrong person; design stamped in this way 封蜡; 封铅; 火漆; 封条; 封印: The letter bears the seal of the king. 这封信有国王的封印. (b) piece of metal, ring, etc with an engraved design used for stamping a seal 印章; 图章. => illus 见插图.
thing used instead of a seal, eg a paperdisc stuck to a document, or an impression stamped on it 代替封印之物(如纸签或印记).
(a) substance or device used to fill a gap, crack, etc so that gas or fluid cannot enter or escape (用以填充的)密封物质或装置: a rubber seal in the lid of a jar 罐子盖儿里的橡皮密封圈 * I've bought a seal to put around the edge of the bath. 我买了一种密封胶涂在浴缸边缘上. (b) closure made by this 密封: The putty gives a good seal round the window. 窗户四周泥的油灰密封效果很好.
small decorative sticker like a postage stamp, esp one sold in aid of charity 印花贴签(尤指出售以捐助慈善事业的).
(idm 习语) a ,seal of ap`proval formal approval 正式认可: The deal needs the government's seal of approval. 这一交易需经政府批准. set the seal on sth (fml 文) be the high point in sth; complete sth 为某事物之顶点; 完成某事物: This award has set the seal on a successful stage career. 获此奖标志着舞台生涯成就的顶峰.
> seal v
1 [Tn] put a seal2 (1,2) on (eg a legal document) 在(尤指法律文件)上加封或盖印.
2 [Tn, Tn.p] (a) ~ sth (down) stick down (an envelope, etc) 粘住(信封等). (b) ~ sth (up) fasten or close sth securely 封住某物: sealed orders 密封指令 * seal the parcel (up) with adhesive tape 用胶带把包裹封住. (c) ~ sth (up) close tightly or put a substance, etc on sth to stop gas or fluid entering or escaping 将某物密封住: The jar must be well sealed. 这个罐子得封严实了. * Seal (up) the window to prevent draughts. 把窗户封起来以防风.
3 [Tn] coat or surface (sth) with a protective substance, sealant, etc 给(某物)加保护层或面, 或涂上密封胶等: seal the boat's hull with special paint 给船体涂上特种油漆.
4 [Tn] (fml 文) settle (sth); decide 解决(某事物); 决定: seal a bargain 成交 * Her fate is sealed, ie No one can stop what is going to happen to her. 她的命运已定.
5 (idm 习语) one's lips are sealed => lip.
6 (phr v) seal sth in keep sth in by sealing 将某物封住: Our foil packets seal the flavour in. 我们用锡纸包装以保持原味. seal sth off prevent anybody or anything entering or leaving (an area, etc) 防止某人或某物进入或离开(某范围等): Police sealed off all the exits from the building. 警方把建筑物的所有出口都封锁住了.
sealant / 5si:lEnt; `silEnt/ n [U, C] substance used for waterproofing, stopping leaks, etc 密封胶; 密封剂: mend the hole and paint some sealant on 先把洞补好, 再涂上一些密封胶.
# ,sealed `orders instructions given to an officer in the armed forces in a sealed envelope to be opened at a certain time or place, usu in wartime 密封指令(给军官的命令, 封合於信封内, 在某时或某处方可开启, 通常用於战时).
`sealing-wax n [U] type of wax that melts quickly when heated and hardens quickly when cooled, used for sealing letters, etc 封蜡; 火漆.